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30% ruling for foreign workers or expats in the Netherlands; “ 30% regeling “

Door alexander@eadaccountants.nl, maandag 31 maart 2014 18:31
By EAD accountants and tax advisors in Haarlem - Noord Holland

If you are working in The Netherlands there is the possibility that you can use a tax benefit which is called the 30% regeling or the 30% tax ruling. This tax rule would mean that 30/70 times your wages will be tax free. A large part of your gross salary becomes a net salary and only 57,15% of your wages is taxed.

This facility depends on your specific situation. In general, people who have a job/skill which is not easy to fulfill with Dutch employees have a good chance of being considered. Before your employer can use this 30% ruling you need a prior positive decision of the Dutch Tax Authorities. The co- operation of your employer to apply for this interesting benefit is imperative.

How can I apply for this rule?

You send us an e-mail in which you give the following information: short description of your job, your first working day, your age, date entering the Netherlands, weekly working hours and your monthly salary. If we think you have a change we will invite you for a meeting at our office. After this meeting we will ask you and your employer for some documents. All  necessary work for the request is done on a no cure no pay basis. If we are successful we will charge you or your employer for our services € 1.250 inclusive taxes and expenses.

Simple example[i]

Your fulltime salary is € 4.000 a month before taxes. You do not receive any expat cost allowance from your employer. Your tax is around € 1.350 a month. With the 30% rule you pay € 530. Every month you save € 820. On a yearly base this is € 9.840. The advantage can be used for a maximum of eight years, so € 78.720 is the total advantage in this case. Don’t miss it. Call or email us today.


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